Origami Cranes
Origami, the art of folding paper, has been popular in Japan for over a thousand years. Origami cranes are used to commemerate special occasions, bring beauty into a home and to share love with family members and friends. For special events, origami crane favors provide a memento for participants to treasure for a lifetime.

Cranes have a very special place in the traditions of many cultures. Cranes are noble birds, demonstrating life long attachments to those they love, living for many years, defending their homes against intruders. As such, the crane has become the symbol for honor, loyalty, long life and joy.

I have literally hundreds of images of origami cranes on this website. I create origami cranes in a plethora of colors and styles, from tiny cranes for use in wedding garlands to larger, gold foil cranes for elegant dinners. Cranes can grace your Christmas cards and decorate your springtime mantel display. Hanging cranes look gorgeous on a Christmas tree or in a summertime window. Explore my pages and be inspired by the beauty of the origami crane!

Origami Crane
Origami Cranes

  Hanging Origami Crane
Hanging Cranes

  String of Cranes
String of Cranes

Origami Crane Card
Crane Cards

  Mini Origami Crane
Mini Origami

  Literature Origami Crane
Literature Cranes

  Origami Crane Photos
Origami Crane Photos


I personally hand craft every crane to your exact specifications. I look forward to talking with you!

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