Silver Origami Jewelry

Origami is a tradition dating back hundreds of years, creating beautiful decorative creations with intricately designed paper. Amazingly, in modern times the technology exists to create origami out of near-pure .999 percent silver. This is a higher silver content than sterling silver! The process of folding and creating the origami shape out of this fabric-like material is quite challenging. The firing of the "clay" requires the use of a high-end programmable kiln. In the end it is all worth it - the final results are stunning!

origami silver crane jewelry Silver is one of the world's greatest metals. Silver was prized by the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. Native Americans work in silver. Traditionally, silver is the metal for the 25th anniversary, celebrating the strength and value of a long lasting relationship.

Precious Metal Clay, or "PMC", is a special "clay" created in Japan. PMC is a thin melding of actual pure silver with a clay binder. I carefully hand-fold this clay into the desired shape, let it harden for 24 hours, and then fire it in my kiln. During the firing process the clay burns away, leaving behind only the pure metal silver.

The result is a beautiful piece of jewelry which can be handed down for generations!

Here is a selection of the silver origami jewelry I hand create. Folding PMC - Precious Metal Clay - into origami is very challenging, so not every origami shape can be rendered into silver. Still, if you have a specific shape you want me to investigate which is not shown below, please contact me to let me know! I will do my best to fulfill your wishes.

Silver Origami Crane Jewelry
Silver Origami Fish Jewelry
Silver Origami Helmet Jewelry
Silver Origami Rabbit Jewelry

Price Per Silver Origami Jewelry creation: $40.00

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