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Origami Crane Pins
Origami is a tradition dating back hundreds of years, creating beautiful decorative creations with intricately designed paper. The crane is a well known symbol of peace, love and harmony.

origami crane Pins These origami crane pins are real origami cranes, created with washi paper, with a jewelry pin glued to their back. This allows them to be worn as an accent on your blouse, a highlight for your hat, a decoration for your purse, and much, much more.

The origami crane pins are made with small, hand-cut squares of lush origami paper. In order to create the small 2" wingspan, the paper must be cut down from standard 6" squares to only 3" square pieces of paper. This reduction must be exact in order for the cranes to end up symmetrical.

Each handmade origami crane pin is hand created to your specifications. You choose what style and color of paper you'd like to use. Choose bright red to go with a stunning red dress, or a subtle black and gold mix to go with an elegant black shirt. Use a bright purple crane pin to accent your lovely red hat! A pair of pins can be connected to the front of your shoes, to give them a special beauty. The end result is a one of a kind creation, unique to you!

origami crane Pins To the left is an image which demonstrates of the small size of the origami crane pin. This is much smaller than the traditional crane made with the six inch square piece of origami paper. It is about two inches in length, and just under three inches from wingtip to wingtip. As a pin, the crane is folded "flat" - with one wing pointing up, and the other pointing down. This allows the pin to sit flat against your shirt or other object.

Below you will find links to examples of hand made origami crane pins I have created for customers in the past! Please note that my paper inventory is constantly being updated and changed. Please let me know what color or colors you are interested in, and I will delve through my paper to find the perfect match for you!

Origami Crane Pin Samples
Golden Origami Crane Pins
Pastel Origami Crane Pins
Colored Origami Crane Pins
Origami Peace Dove Pins
Size of Origami Crane Pins

Price Per Origami Crane Pins: $8.00

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