First Anniversary Paper

The first anniversary of a marriage, relationship, job or anything else you wish to celebrate is called the paper anniversary. This tradition dates back to the medieval ages in Europe, when they had two big milestones - silver for 25 years together, and gold for 50 years together. While people would marry REALLY young (age 13, anyone?) it was still quite an achievement to survive war, famine and poor nutrition to make it to 25 years together, never mind 50 years. It was a fantastic thing to celebrate!

As times went on, they began adding in other items for other years. The current set of traditional gifts we use in modern times was set by at least the 1900s, if not before then.

The very first anniversary is signified by paper. This probably is because many newly married couples are focussed on making ends meet - and that can be quite a challenging thing! The challenge here - and the beauty - is to create the most wonderful object you can out of such a simple material. You aren't using gold, which is innately of value. You aren't offering silver earrings or silver bracelets. You're working with paper, a quiet, humble material. Therefore, it is up to your imagination, creativity and love to turn this most simple of beginnings into something worth treasuring. Sort of like the very relationship you are celebrating :)

Therefore, origami is just about THE most perfect thing you can give for a first year anniversary present. You begin with these squares of paper and turn them into a beautiful bouquet of flowers, flowers which will never fade, never wilt, never lose their beauty. They will last years and years, always reminding you of that first year together. You can give a card decorated with origami - perhaps a cat if she loves cats, perhaps a dove if he is spiritual. You can design a crane mobile to beautify your home, with the exact colors and gemstones that have the most meaning for you both.

Only your creativity creates the bounds here!

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First Anniversary Paper

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