Hanging Origami Mobile

Origami is the perfect partner for a hanging mobile. The Japanese often hung pieces of paper, streamers, fish shapes, and other symbols from trees and homes to celebrate the passing of the seasons. They would decorate the home with origami to bring cheer and luck to their lives. Adding motion to this traditional form of artwork is a true marriage of beauty and functionality.

Origami Mobile It is astounding how relaxing an origami mobile is. I have a crane mobile hanging by my desk and it is incredibly soothing to watch the cranes drift around in their slow circles, gently see-sawing in the breeze. Even the slightest motion of air will set them into action.

Your origami mobile sculpture can be created in any combination of colors, with mixes of solids, patterns, and bead styles. You can go with all white cranes with pearl beads. How about rainbow colors with beads to match? Maybe you'd like red for romance, green for nature, or colors to match the room the mobile will hang in.

Each origami mobile sculpture is hand built to order, to perfectly suit your design preferences!

Here are the styles of origami mobiles I offer. If you have another style you are interested in, let me know and I will custom create your dream!

Crane Origami Mobile
Six Crane Mobile
Crane Mobile
Eight Crane Mobile
Window Origami Mobile
Window Mobile
Origami Mobile
Spiral Mobile

The six-crane and eight-crane mobiles are approximately 14" from top beam to bottom crane. They are approximately 20" wide at the fullest extension configuration.

Six Crane Mobile Samples
Autumn Origami Mobile Photos
Beach Theme Origami Mobile Photos
Black White Grey Origami Mobile Photos
Blue-White Origami Mobile Photos
Confetti Origami Mobile Photos
Confetti 2 Origami Mobile Photos
Confetti 3 Origami Mobile Photos
Gold Textured Origami Mobile Photos
Gold Blue Origami Mobile Photos
Gold Red Origami Mobile Photos
Green Foil Origami Mobile Photos
Green-Blue Origami Mobile Photos
Green-White Origami Mobile Photos
Multicolor Foil Origami Mobile Photos
Textured Pastel Origami Mobile Photos
Pink Origami Mobile Photos
Purple Origami Mobile Photos
White Origami Mobile Photos
White 2 Origami Mobile Photos
Eight Crane Mobile Samples
Blue Green Gold Origami Mobile Photos
Gold Momi Origami Mobile Photos
Green Origami Mobile Photos
Purple Origami Mobile Photos
Purple Yellow Origami Mobile Photos
Red Origami Mobile Photos
Red 2 Origami Mobile Photos
Yellow Origami Mobile Photos

Animal Mobiles (non-Crane)
Butterfly Origami Mobile Photos
Cat Origami Mobile Photos
Dove Origami Mobile Photos
Goldfish Origami Mobile Photos
Swan Origami Mobile Photos

Other Mobile Samples
Window Origami Mobile Photos
Spiral Origami Mobile Photos
String of Hanging Origami Cranes

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String of Hanging Origami Crane String of Hanging Cranes
If you're interested in origami crane mobiles, you might also want to explore my options for hanging cranes. Technically a string of hanging cranes is not a mobile - it is simply a single strand of cranes hanging down from a single point.

Still, a string of origami is a beautiful arrangement of cranes, and they will indeed sway and spin slightly in a breeze. So it's another creative idea for you to ponder!

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