Taking on Twitter by Kathi Browne

Taking on Twitter by Kathi Browne I love twitter and I have 19 different Twitter accounts that I manage for various projects. I was quiet eager to read this book and see what tips it would offer to help me with my Twitter tasks. I was fairly disappointed.

First, I'm just not a fan of the way it's written. Text is randomly BOLDED which makes it seem like the author is continually shouting at you. There's no need for that. Just present the information in normal font. The boxed areas aren't well laid out. In general there's no a great sense of flow through the information.

I know that this assumes people don't necessarily know the basics, but still, way too much time is spent on things like "don't tweet negative things about your clients." That's a ground-level statement for ANYTHING a business does, not just on Twitter. The examples are often silly - there need to be more, clearer examples provided.

She says in one area to have explicit (non-shortened) links so that people know where they're going. Then in another area it says to shorten links to save space. But she doesn't recommend the best solution, to simply create short links on your own website so you're not at the whim of a shortener group which may or may not be around tomorrow.

Sure, comment on others' tweets, don't just promote yourself all the time, and be aware of trending hashtags. But there needs to be far more information on these topics, to make this a good quality book that's strategic for businesses.

Barely a Twitter for Dummies - even there it's missing out on a lot of key information.

In need of a new version.

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