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I have very mixed feelings about using social networking websites to help market your home business. Much of this is because I "grew up" on the web - I was on the web back in the days that it was completely non-commercial, with college students sharing information and researchers trading news on new discoveries. Back then there were NO spam messages, no commercial ads, and the web was wonderful. I still remember the outrage that people felt when marketing began to happen on the web.

In modern times, of course, marketing is everywhere. Every big company (and most small companies) have a website. Email is being bombarded with spam every minute of every day. I have pre-spam-filter companies that literally filter all my mail before it even gets to me, to cut down on my server processing time, and I still get a ton of spam every day. People are burnt out on advertising and block pop-ups, block advertising email messages, and get annoyed by ad postings in forums.

That all being said, there is a way to GENTLY let people know about your services in a way that is helpful. For example, if someone actively wants to find origami flowers for their weddings, you are helping them by making sure your origami flower website is easy to find! You are not annoying them at all. They would be annoyed if it took them 80 hours to track you down! So in the case where someone actively wants your service, you are being a good doobie by making sure you are easy to find. It is when you actively annoy people who are NOT interested in your services at all that the bad publicity begins. And anybody who said "all publicity is good publicity" was not a realist. Bad publicity can be REALLY bad.

So that all being said, here are reviews of some of the social networking sites out there, and suggestions on how to use them in a healthy manner for your business.

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