Basics of Home Business Marketing

You have a great idea for a small shop and website. You go through a lot of work to get a great logo, design your website, and choose the perfect industry. You finally open your doors. Now do you just sit back and rake in the money? Probably not!

As just about EVERY person in business has discovered, customers rarely stampede to your shop just because it exists. It takes a LOT of time and energy to tell people about your company and to convince them to come check you out. There are billions of websites out there - why would someone come to you when they already have other sites they visit? There are tons of stores that people drive by each day. Why would they spend time in their busy day to stop at your shop? It all comes down to marketing. You have to get your message out there - to explain why you are special and worth that time.

Some people feel that marketing is an 'extra expense' and can be cut. But really, if you have no customers, you have no business. Marketing is critically important, especially in the beginning stages of your business. You need those customers, and marketing is how you get them. Make sure from the very beginning that you have a decent budget for marketing, and are willing to pour the time and energy into doing it. Often, two businesses that are side by side will have vastly different success rates solely based on marketing. The one that draws in the customers - even with the exact same inventory and plans - will be the one that survives.

Web Search Engines
Networking in person
Public Speaking

One of the most important areas to get a handle on is that of social networks. This includes FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other similar sites. You need to make sure you are active where your customers and networking contacts are.

Social Networking Websites
-- Amazon Reviewer
-- Delicious Profile
-- Digg Profile
-- eBay Reviewer
-- Facebook Profile
-- Google+ Profile
-- Instagram Profile
-- LinkedIn Profile
-- MySpace Profile
-- Twitter Profile

Setting Up a Website
It goes without saying that you NEED a website for your business, no matter what is. People use the web nowadays to find even local businesses - they do not use the Yellow Pages. Here are some critical tips for your website!

Website Basics
Basics of Setting Up a Website
Choosing a Website Domain Name
Choosing a Domain Name Registrar
Choosing a Website Hosting Company
Designing a Website

Website Dos and Don'ts
Contact Form on your Website
Sound on your Website
Underlines on your Website

Website Marketing Features
Social Networking Basics
Creating an Apple / Droid Icon
apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png File
Customizing your Facebook Promo Icon
Creating an RSS Feed

Website Reviews
Solar Sippers

Setting Up a Blog
If at all possible, you want to set up a blog for your website. Blogs are like mini press releases to keep people interested in your topic, draw in fresh eyeballs, and get your products known to the world. Here are a collection of articles on how to set up, populate, and promote your blog.

Creating an Active Blog

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