Followers and Twitter's Value

When you look at a Twitter account, it's easy to get caught up in the follower count. However, how many followers you have has little to do with the power of your Twitter account. Here's why.

Yes, the number of followers you have indicates the number of people who directly see your Twitter posts when they check their own Twitter feed. They see posts made by the people they follow. If they follow 10 people, this could be great. If they follow 10,000 people, this could mean you are completely lost in the flood of messages they receive.

However, Twitter is far beyond a simple concept of followers. Twitter is a global press release engine. Here is how it really works.

Millions of people out there follow Twitter. Twitter is one of the top 10 sites on the web. How most people use Twitter is this. They have filters set up to alert them when anyone - repeat ANYONE - uses key phrases they are interested in. They have no way of knowing which people to follow. So instead they follow key phrases, to stay up to date with topics they care about.

So let's say you are interested in genealogy from the Nebilyv region of Ukraine. Yes, you could try to track down every genealogy researcher who specializes in that area and follow them. However, that could be a challenging task, and you'd have to do it every day to add in new researchers who created brand new accounts on Twitter.

Instead, what people on Twitter do is set up filters, or searches. They set up their system to automatically alert them when anyone in the Twitter universe uses the word "Nebilyv" in a Twitter post. They get alerted to that post. They see the post, and they can now follow that person if they feel the person's other posts are of value to them.

This is why regular posting is so key - and why it's important to use key phrases. If millions of people out there are watching for the phrase "low carb" then your posting talking about your new low carb recipe for spinach saag will alert them to read. If you make a vague post about "I loved my dinner, it was tasty!" then nobody will know you made that post.

So yes, followers are nice. They are people who might see the post you've made. But even if you don't have a lot of followers, your posts can have a huge reach. All you have to do is use key phrases that those millions of readers are looking for, and you will be automatically picked up by them, read, and your news will be paid attention to.

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