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Once you most past one Twitter account to have 2, 10, 20, or more, you will quickly find that logging in and out of those accounts to keep track of things becomes a chore. Even if you have just one account, if you watch a variety of hashtags or lists that can also become a pain. That's where TweetDeck comes in. This free application lets you easily watch a variety of accounts, lists, followers, followees, hashtags, and more.

Signup is easy and free at Once you sign up, you get access to a web-based app that lets you manage your Twitter accounts from anywhere you can get to the web.

Here's what my screen looks like, for the 20 accounts I run. Note that this is small to fit on this page but you can click on it for a life-sized view that will be easier to read.


On the left you see squares representing each account I own. I have 20, so there are 20 squares. To send a tweet from an account I just click on the square I want, type in my message, and off it goes. I can include images or schedule tweets. I can send direct messages - the button for that is off the bottom of this image. So it's quite easy to send out tweets from one or more accounts with one click.

To the right I have running streams of incoming private messages, mentions of me, and then the feed for each account I own. Those continue off to the right. I can also watch hashtags, followers, lists, and pretty much anything else I want. Those all auto-update so I can glance at that any time I wish during the day and see exactly what is going on in my world. I can click on any tweet shown and retweet it, respond, follow the person, or so on.

I love TweetDeck and have been using it for years. The main downside I find is that it's not that easy to manage the people who follow me. Let's say I set up a column for people who are following LisaSheaAuthor. Great, I can now see those names. But it doesn't show on that list which of them *I* am following back. I would have to click one by one on them to see if I need to follow them. And when you have multiple accounts, this gets much harder to manage. So they need to improve that interface. There are other apps which handle the "follow back karma" aspect of Twitter far better.

So, to summarize, TweetDeck is great for handling posts and retweets. It shows you quickly all messages and mentions across all your accounts, which is great. But in terms of managing followers or knowing who to follow or unfollow, you're best off also having another app for that side of things.

I’ll also mention – take a look at the mentions of me. See how many are promoting my PermaFreeBooks account? This is why you want a meaningful description for your account and then follow people in your industry. When those people say “thank you” for the follow they often retweet your account description. Make sure that is a great promotion for you that will draw in new followers!

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