Maintaining Multiple Twitter Accounts

Why Maintain Multiple Accounts?
There are many good reasons to set up multiple accounts in Twitter. For example, I currently run 25 different accounts. One is the BellaOnline account. is a large women's website I own and run. The alerts on this Twitter feed are professional, and are about the latest news from the BellaOnline website. I would not any of my personal life being discussed on that feed, so this is meant for people who enjoy BellaOnline and want alerts when it is being updated. In comparison, my LisaShea Twitter account is about me, personally. It talks about the tasks I am doing - if I am reviewing books for Amazon, if I am updating the forum system, if I am loading up new Champagne cocktail recipes. It pretty much always links to the pages I am updating so people can go see what I'm doing.

I have a Lisa Shea author account for my books. A Lisa Shea Artist account for my photography and cyanotypes. I have a feed for my origami. One for my video game reviews. One for my meditation and yoga notes.

Tips for Maintaining Multiple Accounts
Normally when you have just one Twitter account you can leave yourself logged in. The cookies let you see what is going on. However, if you have multiple accounts, you would have to be logging in and out every time you made an update. That would be a royal pain!

If you have two accounts, get two browsers set up. For example, install both Internet Explorer and FireFox. Both are free, both work fine. You can easily have both running at the same time. Then log into one account from one, and into the other account from the other. They use completely separate cookies so there is no conflict at all. That way you can have Twitter LisaShea running in IE and Twitter LisaLowCarb running in FireFox and both work perfectly. No muss, no fuss!

In my case, I actually have IE, FireFox and Safari running - so I have three browsers, three accounts, and they all stay clean and easy to use.

Another AWESOME tool is TweetDeck. It lets you hop through multiple accounts instantly!

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