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Getting your Book Published In the old days (i.e. not that long ago), authors and author wannabes waited eagerly each year for the new Writer’s Market book to come out. That’s because only a few months after publication the book would quickly go out of date. And then we’d all wait again for the new edition.

Publishers would change their rules. Agents would go out of business. Magazines would change their names. It was incredibly frustrating. Just when you thought you had a plan of action, the rug would be pulled out.

In modern times with the web, things are of course much easier. You subscribe to the online version of the Writer’s Market, month by month or by the year, and everything is fully up to date. You can easily scan publishers, agents, and find exactly who you need.


An important caveat to keep in mind, whether you use the Writer’s Market or any other data set, is NEVER to spam everyone in the system. You want to specifically read and choose matches that work well for your topic area. That is the only way to get good results.

As I’ve heard from a few spammer-authors, if you build a reputation as a spammer, then nobody will want to work with you. Word travels quickly. You don’t want to do that to your reputation.

As of the publication of this book the membership is $6 a month or $40 a year. That works out to be about the same cost as a typical magazine subscription, but the information it provides is much more important and helpful for writers.

When you sign up, you gain access IMMEDIATELY, not even an email response necessary. You get to see right away how up to date the system is. Here’s the listing from when I joined in Sept 2007:

The WritersMarket.com team has updated:
0 market listings today
12 market listings in the past 7 days
172 market listings in the past 30 days

I just logged in today (May 2017) and it now shows:

The WritersMarket.com team has updated:
0 market listings today.
0 market listings in the past 7 days.
117 market listings in the past 30 days

They tend to do each area in a monthly sweep – and of course there are far, far more entries nowadays than even just ten years ago.

They’ve got a variety of searching options.

So for example, you can search for an agent, and click to specify the agent should handle Romance Novels. I got 10 pages of listing (10 agents per page). That’s a nice group of options to work with.

They then give you everything you need to know about each agent to make your initial decisions. When they were established, what groups they belong to, how many clients they represent, if you can submit simultaneously to other agents, and so on. Then of course you click on the website link to get the full details.

Do you want to write for magazines in the realms of scifi, fantasy, or horror? They’ve got 100 of them nicely organized for you. Make your list and start making contacts.

All in all, Writer’s Market is one of those staple organizations that authors have been using for decades. It’s well worth trying them if only for a month to build a base list of magazines, publishers, and agents which handle your chosen area.

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