My Concerns About Literary Agents

The Game of Telephone

Getting your Book Published Iíve been writing and publishing for many years. During that time Iíve worked with agents several times and have never had a good experience. Iíve had far better success contacting publishing houses directly (the ones which allow it) and working with them.

I hear from author after author after author who has been burned by non-responsive, ineffective, and absent-minded agents. So this isnít just a strange quirk of fate, that I have these issues.

Ever play the game ďtelephoneĒ? Where things are repeated and misconstrued? That often happens with agents. The fewer people in the chain, the better the communication tends to be.

If you absolutely have your heart set on a publishing company that requires agents, then by all means do your research. Find an agent who pours her heart into your efforts and be happy when the connection is made. Make peace with the thought that the agent will be taking 15% on all sales from that point going forward.

Otherwise, I recommend from my own personal experience researching and mapping out a path that doesnít involve that emotionally-draining time commitment and that eternal money siphon.

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