Negotiating the Contract

Get Legal Advice

Getting your Book Published I am not a lawyer, and I would definitely recommend talking with a lawyer before signing any contract, especially if a lot of money is involved. Even if you have to pay some money to the lawyer, it could easily save you quite a lot of money down the road. Especially if the contract talks about the publisher or agent holding a lot of rights.

There are a lot of free legal options out there. There are also free general business advice options with local chambers of commerce or with the SCORE system.

Talk to friends and family. See if a friend of a friend can take a look at it. Even a sanity check is better than nothing.

Talk with the other authors who have signed with this person! Get a sense of what you are in for. Is the publisher going to tear apart your beloved work? Is the agent going to vanish for weeks at a time on vacation? The more youíre prepared for what is to come, the more you can make a decision on whether this is best for you.

Also be prepared that some publishers have a take-it-or-leave-it mindset. I have hit several publishers like that. If you didnít want to sign their contract as-is, they had hundreds of other authors eager to sign up. They werenít interested in bending.

At that point youíll have to decide if itís worth it to you to cave on your issues. But at least youíll know what the situation is and be prepared for it.

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