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Getting your Book Published In our modern world, over 60% of ebooks sold are released by self-publishers. Self-publishers routinely get into the New York Times Best-sellers list. They can earn five figures a month.

Still, that means that 40% of books are controlled by the big publishing houses. Simon & Schuster. Harper Collins. Those big publishing houses have big budgets. If they accept your book they can afford to give you a $10,000 advance on your profits. They can print a pile of books to send out to reviewers. They can help you get onto TV shows to do promotions.

Many bookstores like Barnes & Noble will only bring in books from those big publishers Ė they wonít stock books from self-publishers. They simply donít have the space for it.

Schools and libraries will often select primarily from books released by the big publishers.

Similarly, for those who write short stories, there is the widely popular option of self-publishing Ė but thereís also something to be said for getting your short story into the traditional pathways of magazines. Having your work presented by Asimovís Science Fiction or by the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine provides a sense of accomplishment. They pay you cash up front for your efforts.

So there are many benefits involved with getting your book or short story selected by and released by one of the traditional publishers.

If thatís your aim, then letís get going!

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