Getting To a Contract Offer

Building the Relationship

Getting your Book Published Itís rare that a publisher will get a query letter and respond with ďGreat! Sign this contract!Ē Usually there is more back-and-forth involved before that stage.

The key is to stay professional during this entire back-and-forth. Always treat them as an important business contact who has thousands of other options just a click away. Think about how you reply. Donít just toss off a response at three in the morning. Give it time. Read and re-read.

Just as your initial response is judged on its quality level, so are your subsequent responses. Remember, they are going to expect you to go out talking to bookstore owners, newspaper reporters, TV interview hosts, and more. They want to know that youíll be able to handle yourself professionally in those situations.

Be calm, polite, and always double-check for typos. They arenít going to accept excuses. If you make mistakes with them you are likely to make mistakes with the public Ė and that will impact the publisherís reputation. So this is part of the selection process.

Hang in there. Answer any questions they have. If you have questions, phrase them politely and professionally. Be clear about what you want to know.

With any luck, after a few back-and-forth, youíll get to the contract stage!

Let me note that they should NEVER ask you for money during any of this process. Also, if they immediately leap on your book without doing any sort of follow-up discussion or interview, thatís a serious warning sign. A publisher who has a solid reputation will want to do proper vetting to ensure you will be a good addition to their mix.

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