What Does It Cost to Ghostwrite a Book?

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You've seen the one-star reviews on Amazon ripping apart a novel or book for its poor formatting or myriad of typos. How do you prevent your book or ebook from ending up in that sad state? I'm here to help!

Book Editing and Formatting Service I have been writing and publishing books since the late 1980s and now have over 300 books live on the Amazon system (and others). I have written books on nearly every main topic available. I've written fiction and non-fiction. Romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, and western. I've written about yoga and meditation, recipes and time management, healthy living and caring for parakeets.

I can help your book shoot up the charts and reach vast numbers of readers with your message.

So a key question is, what does it cost to ghostwrite a book?

Writing a book for another person has a built-in set of challenges, because the author is not necessarily writing something they already know everything about. For example, if I were to write a book about my yoga routine it would be fairly straightforward. I am an expert in my routine. I know the history and meaning behind my poses. There would be little research needed and my organization of the material would be natural.

Once I am asked by another person to follow their chosen outline and to write about their topics, research is naturally going to be involved. I'll need to get all the details about the material they wish to cover in the way in which they want it to be covered. There will always be concepts, terms, and studies to be included. Even if I am an expert on yoga and meditation, there are thousands of variants of both of those out there. Every one is slightly different and needs to be portrayed accurately in order for the book to earn lots of five-star reviews.

Traditional going rates for writing a book are quoted in a per-page price range, with the average page holding about 250 words. By quoting per-page you average out how some sections tend to be dense and other sections tend to be less dense. It provides a more accurate sense of the effort involved than using a per-word cost.

The range of per-page costs tend to go from:
Low: $50/page - typically someone cranking out a fairly straightforward, formulaic romance or mystery novel where review expectations are not relatively high
High: $250/page - books in this range require research, detailed planning, and hold up to a higher level of critical reviews

Based on this range, if you had a project of 150 pages and it was a fairly simple project, with not much need for research and a relaxed time schedule of several months, that could be done for 150 * $50 = $7,500. If, on the other hand, the project of 150 pages involved a fair amount of research into studies and terminology, and required specialized information which had to be sought out and organized, that could easily take over a year of dedicated time and get into the range of 150 * $37,500.

If your topic area happened to be a great match for my existing interests and knowledge, I would be able to provide a discount on these prices since it would be much eaiser for me to write that material. I'm always open to discussion.

Contact me, and together we will bring your book or e-book to its true potential!

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What Does It Cost to Ghostwrite a Book?
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