Writing Tips and Poetry Tips

Writing and poetry are ideal ways to share your unique vision with a world-wide audience. Through writing you can fill your reader's mind with precise images which combine with their imagination to create a fresh, new world.

I grew up reading and loving books. I have poetry and stories in my collection that date back to when I was six. My childhood involved writing and reading constantly. My ideal home always included a curved window with a velvet bench and pillows, perfect for reading books through long hours of the day. When I saw Beauty & the Beast, I was spellbound by the gorgeous library scene!

My career now is primarily about writing content. I write for numerous websites, I publish fiction and non-fiction books, and I write poetry. I have over 180 pages on how to get your own work published, as well as my vast library of research notes which I have used for my own projects.

Here is my collection of material, to help you reach your own writing goals!

Getting Your Book Published
Over 180 pages take you step by step through every aspect of writing your book, polishing it, finding a publisher, or self-publishing in print and ebook format.
Getting your Book Published

Background Research
Medieval Life Research - 800s to 1300s
Regency Life Research - 1790s to 1840s (Jane Austen)
Edwardian / Titanic Life Research - 1900 to 1912
Fiction Fodder - Writing Ideas and Prompts

Plagiarism Parody and Homage
Plagiarism Basics
Plagiarism vs Homage
Parody vs Homage
Homage Examples
Character Names and Homage

My Medieval Romance Novels
Seeking the Truth
Knowing Yourself
A Sense of Duty
Creating Memories
Looking Back
Badge of Honor

My Non-Fiction Weddings & Courtships Series
Ireland - Weddings and Courtships
Italy - Weddings and Courtships
France - Weddings and Courtships

Short Stories
The Angst of Change

Lisa's Haiku

Lisa's Essays

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