Working With the Publisher or Agent

Maintaining the Relationship

Getting your Book Published Once you have a contract signed with a publisher or agent, you are now locked in a symbiotic relationship. Iíve heard horror stories where writers now decide they can argue with the publisher / agent and make demands. That rarely works well. Iíve also heard horror stories where the publisher or agent now starts demanding changes to the story that the author absolutely detests.

A key is to do your best to remain civil and professional. After all, youíre now in this together. Yelling and screaming rarely helps anything. It can get each side to entrench in their set points of view. It can lead to things getting even worse.

Expect that there are going to be hiccups. Expect that, no matter how closely you examined the contract, and talk to other authors, there are always going to be surprises. There are always going to be issues. Itís best to remain calm and cool about them. Try to look at the situation from both sides. Try to find a way to compromise.

If you are truly and legally tied into a situation, try to find a way to be at peace about it.

If you really do reach a point where you have reached your limit, know the methods of ending the contract. Get advice on how to head down that path. But leave that as a very last resort. You want to avoid gaining a reputation of being a troublesome writer for agents and publishers to work with. You may, after all, want to work with another one in the future.

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