Creating an Amazon Kindle Ebook

These detailed step by step instructions help you go from the very beginning of creating your ebook to getting that ebook published on the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Lulu sales systems.

On August 19, 2011, I went step by step through the process - from start to finish - on getting my book published onto the Amazon Kindle system, the Apple iBookstore, and Lulu's sales system. The entire process including my mistakes - which I will help you avoid - took seven hours. The next day I also loaded the ebook onto the Barnes & Noble Nook and it took less than a half hour to do that.

Nowadays I can get one of my books onto all of the systems in under an hour. Once you get the hang of it, it really is quite easy.

Here are my detailed notes on how to perform these tasks.

I remember back when the Amazon Kindle was a brand new toy and people felt it was sure to fail. I bought one anyway :). I thought it was simply amazing. Now the Kindle is firmly entrenched in the public psyche and it seems like nearly everyone either has a physical Kindle reader or has the Kindle app for their phone, tablet, or PC. Publishing your ebooks for the Amazon Kindle system can open your book's audience to millions upon millions of new readers.

But why stop with Kindle? With iPads and iPhones being popular, the iBookstore is also gaining in popularity. Authors should consider having their eBooks available in the Apple system. By using the website you can load your book in once and have it distribute out to Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and more.

Leave no stone unturned!

Here are my notes! Feel free to write me if you have any questions.

Preparing your Kindle Ebook
Load your Book PDF Into Lulu (optional, for paperback version)
Making an ePub and MOBI Book Format
Load your Ebook Into Lulu and iBookstore (optional)
Load your Ebook Into Kindle
Load your Ebook Into Barnes and Noble Nook (optional)
Load your Ebook onto KOBO (optional)
Load your Ebook onto SmashWords (optional)
Combining your Kindle and Paperback Entries
Summary of Putting Ebooks Live
Kindle Ebook - Start to Finish in 24 Hours

Exporting your Kindle Book List

Lisa's Kindle Book List

The key is to take the steps one at a time and to give yourself the time and patience to figure them out. Eat a good meal, work in a quiet area if possible, and give yourself the best chance to focus and succeed!

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