Load your Ebook MOBI Into Kindle

Once you have created an epub version of your ebook, converting your epub into a Kindle mobi format and loading it into the Kindle library is fairly straightforward. Here are the steps to get your Kindle ebook live.

I did this as part of a seven hour start-to-finish project to see how long it would take to get an ebook from the basic starting stages into a final ebook on Kindle. I began at 5pm and it's now 11:30pm. I lost a lot of time fighting with the process to get my base file to convert into a beautiful ePub file :) It's because I had a lot of specific desires for the formatting of the ingredients area, the description area, and so on for each recipe.

Amazon has a page on their Kindle Publishing System. My instructions on this site explain how to use Calibre and SIGIL to get to that MOBI file.

Now that I've got my .mobi file all set, I go to the Kindle Direct Publishing page. I sign in. My Sangria Recipes ebook is in there and - too funny - I had actually loaded my Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes ebook in here back in October 2010 as a test!! :) LOL too funny.

OK I edit the entry. I browse for my brand new .mobi file and I upload it. I update the description. Because my book is listing for 99 cents, I have to choose the 35% royalty rate. All set.

I decide to poke into the royalty reports to see what this ebook has been doing.

WAAAA!! It's been selling about 40 copies a month! I only put it up there as a test!!

OK it's 12:05pm and I'm done! Start to finish on this project was 7 hours. In 7 hours I was able to put together my ebook from various pieces, load it into Lulu as a print-on-demand physical book, load it into Lulu as a properly formatted ebook to use with the Apple iBookstore system, and load it into Amazon as a live Kindle book. Some of that 7 hours was lost in figuring out how all the systems worked, so future runs should be much more quick. There's still a delay time as Apple and Amazon approve the ebooks but within 2-3 days everything should be live!

NOTE: I tried to go back the next day to load in a more polished version - but it's still in the process of publishing the previous one. So know that there's a time delay between when you load up a change and when you can make more changes to that entry.

Now, for those who are doing this from scratch, here's the more step by step instructions on how this process works.

Start out by going to http://kdp.amazon.com

If you have an account, sign in. If not, log in with your Amazon account. If you don't have an Amazon account, create one. Whatever path you take, you'll end up in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system. It starts by showing your library of books and giving you the option to create a new one.

Kindle Self Publishing

Always ignore the paperback option here in the KDP system. Always use CreateSpace to make your paperback books yourself. Never trust Amazon to auto-generate one for you here :). Use the KDP for your Kindle ebooks and CreateSpace for your Amazon paperback books.

So click to make a new ebook.

You'll work through three screens. Screen one has the base details. Book title. Series name, if any. Author name. Description. Just fill in each field as you go. If something doesn't apply, like series name, just leave it blank. Always check everything twice for typos.

When you're ready on the first screen, click to move onto the next.

Now you're loading in content. I recommend choosing NO for Digital Rights Management (DRM). It causes trouble for real users and rarely deters anybody bent on pirating a book. Just turn it off.

Load in your MOBI file. Load in your cover JPG. Note that Kindle cover JPGs are sized 1563 wide by 2500 high. That's just the way it is. Rearrange your cover so it fits nicely within that space.

Go on to screen three.

KDP Select means your book is EXCLUSIVE to Kindle and is not found anywhere else. This is a marketing decision and the pros and cons are covered in the marketing book. For now, only choose yes if you are sure you are going to stay exclusively on Amazon for your ebooks.

For pricing, you can choose 35% royalty or 70% royalty. You can only choose 70% royalty if your price is between $2.99 and $9.99. Again, pricing is a huge conversation involving marketing. I highly suggest for now you go as inexpensive as you can to build up sales and reviews. You can always raise the price later on.

I do enroll in Matchbook to give people who buy the paperback version the free ebook. It seems a nice enough benefit. And I do allow lending of the ebook, in hopes of free marketing.

When you are all set with this screen, publish your book! It'll take about 24-48 hours for the book to go live. Once it is live, you can edit it again and resubmit as much as you wish. So take heart. You can always double check and reload and resave things as much as you wish.

IGNORE ALL PAPERBACK PROMPTS. Always do any paperback book separately in CreateSpace.

Kindle Self Publishing

You are now all set with your Kindle ebook!

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