Exporting your Kindle Book List

It is extremely useful to be able to export your Kindle book list, so you can post it to a website or share it with friends. Here is how you dump your list of books from your Kindle to a text file.

First, you need your Kindle, you need a cable to connect it to your PC, and you need the free Calibre ebook management software. I highly recommend owning Calibre for all sorts of reasons. It's a great, free tool.

Plug your Kindle into the cable, and the cable to the PC. If it's a Kindle Fire, you should get an on-Kindle prompt that you are now connected.

Open Calibre.

In Calibre use Add - Kindle drive - books directory - sort by type - and select all the PRC files.

This will now have all your ebooks titles listed in the Calibre system.

Now use Convert - Catalog - CSV to make a comma separated text file with all your titles. You now have a text file on your hard drive that lists every single book on your Kindle. So you can do this whenever you want, to have a backup list of your Kindle's library. The only downside is that it has commas between the fields. It's easy to organize that better.

Open Excel or an Excel equivalent. Open up that CSV file. It will ask how the file is organized. Indicate it is delimited, and then that the delimiter is a comma.

Voila! You have all your books in nice columns. You can select one or more columns, delete columns, cut and paste just certain columns into an email message, or whatever you wish.

This is a great way to make a list to share with friends, so they know what Kindle books you own and can perhaps lend to them.

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