Load your Ebook onto KOBO

Note: This was part of a historical project to get a book live within one day. In current times I would use Draft2Digital to upload to Kobo rather than going directly.

KOBO is an intriguing online ebook sales system. Many people haven't ever heard of KOBO. Other people live in KOBO and only buy books from them. KOBO reaches a variety of countries, and their usage varies country to country. As long as you're not exclusive elsewhere, like Kindle, it's well worth listing in KOBO as well. The more readers you can reach, the better!

The area you want to go to is http://www.kobo.com/writinglife - the KOBO Writing Life area. Create an account there. It's quick and easy.

Once the account is set, it's time to start loading in your ebook. You want to have an EPUB version of your ebook, a JPG cover image, and the basics like the book title, description, and so on. The screens are well designed, easy to fill in, and intuitive. Once you fill in the details, voila! Your book gets put into the loading cycle. It usually takes a day or two before it goes live.

KOBO is well worth checking out if you're self publishing your books.

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