Summary of Putting Ebooks Live

It is extremely easy to take a Word document, do some simple manipulations to it, and have the ebook versions live within a matter of minutes. If your Word document is properly laid out this saves you a lot of time. That includes having all the headers tagged with the "Heading 1", "Heading 2", and similar tags.

In essence to summarize you:
* Save the Word document out as Filtered HTML
* Import that into Calibre
* Convert that into an EPUB
* Polish the EPUB in SIGIL. Resave it.
* Use Calibre to convert the EPUB to a MOBI

That's it - you're done.

The software I ended up with on my computer was this:
* Word - you can use a Word clone if you wish, as long as it makes filtered HTML files
* Calibre - free software converts Word / PDF files into ePub standard ebook files
* Sigil - free software lets you tweak and edit that ePub file. This ePub file is what Lulu, Nook, Kobo, and other systems take.

By going in this order, it means I have one ePub file that is then used for all four systems. That way I only have to modify one file and I then know it's all set for all applications.

Good luck!

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