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Note: This was part of a historical project to get a book live within one day. In current times I would use Draft2Digital to upload to Nook rather than going directly.

The Barnes & Noble Nook ebook reader is a great way to publicize your ebook projects. Here are step by step instructions on how to publish your ebook on the Barnes and Noble Nook.

I had already finished my main project to get my ebook onto the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iBookstore when Jilly, a friend of mine, mentioned that I should look into loading my ebook onto the Barnes & Noble Nook as well. I'm all for hitting every market I can!

7pm. First I went to http://pubit.barnesandnoble.com which is the Barnes & Noble Nook publishing area. I already had an account with Barnes & Noble, and I needed to add some additional contact information to get started. They require you to enter your bank account information to direct deposit your payments. They require your social security number or EIN. They require a credit card too. It's a lot of information to hand over before you've even gotten started!

Then you can add an ebook. You put in the title and price, and upload the book. They highly recommend you use ePub format because that is already set the way you want it. If you upload a DOC file or TXT file they are going to try to convert it for you - and they might fail miserably! I've already covered in other pages how to make a perfect ePub file, and this is what you use for the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iBookStore, so once you have that file you're set for all systems.

Now the cover image. Interestingly while other sites want a small one here they want it to be at least 750 pixels in length. Wow! So load that on up.

The remaining questions are all fairly standard - key words, description, author bio, and so on. On the down side when I put in the 10 digit ISBN I'd gotten from Lulu for my ebook, they claimed it was invalid and then wiped out all the rest of my information :) So be sure you have that information in a file on your hard drive and cut and paste it in.

Once I answered those questions, the book was in the system! 7:26pm - not even a half hour later!

They say it can take up to 72 hours to go live - so after a few days you are all set!

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