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I have over 300 books on the Kindle system now. It would be impossible to keep them all up to date here. These are just a few. For a summary of the books I've written, visit: Lisa's Full Library of Published Books

Sangria Recipes
Are you a fan of delicious sangria, the fruity wine punch from Spain? Voila! Here is my Sangria Recipes Ebook which has over 50 sangria recipes ready for your drinking pleasure!

Champagne Cocktails
Enjoy a green, minty bubbly while lounging in your back yard. Toast with a sapphire blue cocktail during your elegant evening. Party with bright orange mixers when celebrating with friends! A rainbow of colors and a cornucopia of flavors await you in over 90 recipes.

Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes
This 72 page book on Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes is great in power failures and other no-power, no-stove, no-microwave situations!

Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes
Microwave Low Carb Recipes provides practical information and tasty recipes that solely require the use of a microwave oven.

Carb Charts - Low Carb Reference
When you're out and about, do you wish you could know the carb value in the food you're thinking about ordering? This carb chart book will keep you on a healthy path.

First 2 Weeks - Low Carb Reference
The book explains in detail what the low carb diet is all about, and how to best prepare to ensure your success. You are guided through stocking your pantry, your fridge, and even your herb cabinet. You get detailed information about those first two days where you break your addictions, and the first two weeks.

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