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I've always loved Irish history and culture - on our trips to Ireland we've enjoyed seeing the beautiful lands which served as backdrops to these fine movies. Of course, we had to dodge the many fake tourist traps along the way! "The Field" pub. "The Quiet Man" Inn. Ah well ...

Please feel free to Contact Lisa if you have changes or additions! I'd love to get reviews on movies I haven't been able to track down yet.

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The Secret of Roan Inish: 1994. Filmed amongst the beautiful islands of Rosbeg and Portnoo, co. Donegal (on the western coast). The story has a young girl, Fiona, sent back to live with her grandparents while the rest of the family moves to the 'city'. Her grandparents and young cousin love the ocean. Her youngest brother was taken by the seals when he was a baby; Fiona gets to know the seals and gulls and asks for him back.

Song O' My Heart: 1929. This musical stars John McCormack and Alice Joyce. It tells of an Irishman who looks after the orphaned children of the woman who broke his heart.

Shake Hands with the Devil: 1959. James Cagney is a medical professor who also secretly helps run the IRA of the 1920s. He's only for a Republic of Ireland, and fights his own friends when they wish to sign the treaty. A young medical student, whose father was killed in the Hall of Records, first refuses to join the fight. He is swept into it, and ends up playing a pivotal role. Like Michael Collins 40 years later, it shows both the English and the hard-liner Irish to be "bad" and the middle-of-the-road Irish to be "good". Everyone suffers, though. Good movie.

The Snapper: 1993. The classic "Irish" movie - Colm Meaney and a fatherless child. Colm is the father of six children in a grimy Dublin suburb, squashed into a tiny house which itself is squashed in with other houses in a row. The oldest daughter, 19, is pregnant and refuses to name the father (in Irish movie tradition). She continues to go out drinking every night with friends, dancing at bars until the bitter end. Good 'real life' view of the common life in Dublin, even if the scenes of a pregnant woman drinking heavily, Colm swearing at the children (another Irish movie tradition?), and especially the lack of 'judgement against' the 'father' are disturbing.

Some Mother's Son: With 'The Boxer', this closes the Jim Sheridan trilogy about IRA. Some Mother's Son isn't really directed by Jim Sheridan, but is is the producer and writer of the film. Daniel Dey Lewis and Emily Watson also star in The Boxer.

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