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I've always loved Irish history and culture - on our trips to Ireland we've enjoyed seeing the beautiful lands which served as backdrops to these fine movies. Of course, we had to dodge the many fake tourist traps along the way! "The Field" pub. "The Quiet Man" Inn. Ah well ...

Please feel free to Contact Lisa if you have changes or additions! I'd love to get reviews on movies I haven't been able to track down yet.

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Braveheart (1994)
Sure, this movie wasn't *about* Ireland, but parts of it were certainly filmed there! The plains of the Curragh of Kildare was where the 13th century Battle of Stirling was set. Trim Castle was filmed to represent (from different angles) both the York and London castles. I have to note that this came out at the SAME time as Highlander did, so when we went to see it in the movie we kept being tempted to yell out "Heather!!"

The Boxer (1997)
With 'Some Mother's Son', this closes the Jim Sheridan trilogy about IRA. Some Mother's Son isn't really directed by Jim Sheridan, but he is the producer and writer of the film. Daniel Dey Lewis and Emily Watson also star in The Boxer.

Bronte (1983)
Julie Harris stars as Charlotte Bronte, recreating the great author's life.

Broth of a Boy (1959)
Comedy starring Barry Fitzgerald tells of a TV executive trying to do a story of the world's oldest man.

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