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I've always loved Irish history and culture - on our trips to Ireland we've enjoyed seeing the beautiful lands which served as backdrops to these fine movies. Of course, we had to dodge the many fake tourist traps along the way! "The Field" pub. "The Quiet Man" Inn. Ah well ...

Please feel free to Contact Lisa if you have changes or additions! I'd love to get reviews on movies I haven't been able to track down yet.

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Cal (1984)
A widowed librarian and a young man have a passionate love affair amidst the violent background of the conflict long afflicting the city of Ulster. The film score was composed by Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits.

Captain Lightfoot (1955)
Rock Hudson and Barbara Rush star in this tale of the 19th century Irish rebellion.

Catholics (1973)
Martin Sheen is sent to try to tug an Irish monastery out of their 'backward' ways. The Irish, of course, dig in their heels.

Circle of Friends (1995)
Three young women grow up in a small village (Inistioge, County Kilkenny) and end up going to Trinity in Dublin together. The gorgeous one sets her sight on a local noble, the orphan on a friend, but the 'wallflower', Benny, goes after the most handsome boy on campus. Love and betrayal follow. Set in 1949, this has many nice shots of Dublin, Trinity, and the lands around Kilkenny.

The Commitments (1991) 116m.
Directed by Alan Parker, the movie has Colm Meaney (as all good Irish films do) as the father of the 'manager' of a soul band in Dublin. While striving for musical bliss, the members of the band fight, swear, have affairs with each other and walk through streets where children play in broken glass. A stunning statement of the true strength of will of the Irish. While I did like it a lot, it depressed me how all the adults constantly swore in anger at the children. What a way to grow up.

The Closer You Get (a.k.a. American Women)
Starring Ian Hart, some Irish guys from a small village set an ad in a Miami newspaper, asking for american women to come.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
Richard Harris and Luis Guzman are only 2 of the great castmembers in this one which, while not quite faithful to the famous book by Alexandre Dumas, still tells a good tale. Most of the movie is filmed in Malta, but the Count's huge castle is located in Ireland and other sets were built in Ireland as well.

The Crying Game (1992)
Steven Rea, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson. An IRA kidnapping goes wrong, and one of the men goes into London to find the hostage's lover. Briefly in Ireland at the beginning of the movie, but with an Irish-related theme. Interesting plot twists keep this one going.

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