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I've always loved Irish history and culture - on our trips to Ireland we've enjoyed seeing the beautiful lands which served as backdrops to these fine movies. Of course, we had to dodge the many fake tourist traps along the way! "The Field" pub. "The Quiet Man" Inn. Ah well ...

Please feel free to Contact Lisa if you have changes or additions! I'd love to get reviews on movies I haven't been able to track down yet.

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Educating Rita (1983) 110m
This is listed as a 'comedy about an English housewife who tries to learn with the drunken College Professor tutor, Michael Caine, tutoring her'. Indeed, the 'blonde bimbo' has an English accent (a rough one), while Caine is the cultured but inebriated teacher who often teaches sloshed. It is a truly well done story, a 'tragedy' in the true sense of the word. However, the whole time we're watching it we're going, Ireland? There were no Irish accents. No "Irish" scenery, nothing noticeable about the town. All shots in the school and in the 'dirty streets' are incredibly generic. At the end, though, it admits to being shot entirely in Ireland! The college was (of course) Trinity College in Dublin, and the 20s cafe was 'Dobbins Wine Bistro'.

From Hugh: A lot of the filming was done at St. Patrick's College in Maynooth (the national seminary for Ireland). I was a student in the summer of 1982 when some of the filming was done. They used a view of the front of the college and the infirmary (called 'the List,' by students; students in the Infirmary were 'on the list.') Actually, they had problems with one of the scenes, because the late Monseigneur Cremin refused to move his Morris Minor from the front of the college. They had to get bushes from Dublin and camouflage his car. While many of the main shots were done at Trinity, most of the grunt work was done in Maynooth.

The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain (1995)
Hugh Grant, Colm Meaney. A cartographer is convinced by local inhabitants that their perception of their land is correct. Actually filmed in Ffynnon Garw, Wales, but the film does feature Colm Meaney.

Evelyn (2002)
Pierce Brosnan stars as a father who in 1953 has his three children taken away from him. He is furious when they are thrown into orphanages, and fights his way to the Irish Supreme Court to keep his family together.

Excalibur (1981) 140m.
This movie is not about Ireland, but was filmed in Ireland because of the great medieval forests which still grow there. This is a retelling the classic Arthurian legends, done in an earthy and rich way. It has Patrick Stewart as Gueneviere's father, and Nigel Terry (from The Lion in Winter) as Arthur. Directed by John Boorman. Unknown to many, the "English" movie was mostly shot in Wicklow. They filmed at Childers Wood, one of the few remaining medieval oak forests in Europe, and Wicklow Head.

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