Ireland and Northern Ireland Travelogue and Photos

In 1997, we went with Bob's mom and stepfather to their home in Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland, and roamed around Ireland and Northern Ireland. We thought at the time that we would go back there many times to visit the country, but sadly Bob's mom passed away a few years later. This spring 1997 trip was the only time we had with her in the country she loved so dearly.

The trip was simply gorgeous, full of new-born lambs and fresh flowers. I have day by day travelogues, movie clips, photos, and more on line!

Millstreet - Dublin - Northern Ireland - Connemara
Southwestern Ireland
Cavan Wedding and Killarney

The Birding List

Movie Clips
Croissant-loving Beara sheep
Cool tunnel just at Kerry line
Sheep in Killarney Nat Park
Millstreet Main St

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