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I have over 50,000 pages and images on my website, ranging from parakeet advice to critiques of Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code" to Japanese movie listings. I've been posting pages since the early 1990s (back in the days of FTP) so keep in mind that some of my pages were written over 20 years ago and have not been touched since. I won't remember them unless you tell me exactly what page you were on. So, if you write, please let me know what in particular has caught your eye!

If you're asking a question, PLEASE check my site first to make sure the answer isn't already online.

Da Vinci Code
Please submit all Da Vinci comments and criticisms to the forum. That allows us to respond more quickly.
Forum for Comments and Questions on the Da Vinci Code
Summary - Why we Criticize the Da Vinci Code Problems

Please submit all parakeet questions to the forum. That allows us to respond more quickly. Please *never* email me emergency questions. I can easily be on vacation for several days and not see your email. Always call a vet or post in the forum.
Forum for Questions about Parakeets
Parakeet FAQ - Including Telling a Boy from a Girl

Video Gaming
While I do have some pages here on video gaming, I have thousands and thousands of pages on Start in the computer area and go to the gaming area you're interested in - XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or so on. I run all of the areas and you'll probably find your answer in my articles there!
Lisa's Video Gaming Pages at BellaOnline

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Questions NOT involving Parakeets or DaVinci
For any questions or comments about my site that do NOT involve parakeets or Leonardo DaVinci, please use the below form. Thanks!

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