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Mass 3rd Infantry -
Boston Herald Notice of Formation

This was the initial report of the 3-month tour of the Mass Third Infantry.
It appeared in the paper on April 5th, 1861.


The requisition from the President to Gov. Andrew calls for twenty companies of infantry to be in readiness immediately. They will be formed into two Regiments of ten companies each, but the regimental organization will not be completed until there arrival in Washington. Gov. Andrew has a consultation with his Aids and Adjutant General Schouler, this afternoon, and it was decided to order out the Third, Fourth, Sixth and Eighth Regiments. The commanders of these regiments are directed to assemble their troops upon Boston Common to-morrow morning, as early as possible, and the twenty full companies will be made up from them.

Major Cook and the officers of the Boston Light Artillery waited upon Gov. Andrew and tendered the services of that company. His Excellency thanked them kindly but said that he did not feel at liberty to accept of the offer at the present time, as the President had called for infantry companies only.

The Third Regiment is under command of Col. David W. Wardrop, of New Bedford, and numbers 6 companies; the Sixth, the Fourth, Col. Abner B. Packard, of Quincy, 9 companies; Edward F. Jones, of Lowell, 8 companies; and the Eighth, under command of Lieut. Col. Timothy Monroe, of Lynn, 8 Companies. The companies to be made up are to consist of 64 privates each. The commanders of the Regiments have not yet been decided upon.

The following is a copy of the orders premeditated to the commanders of the several Regiments:-

You are hereby ordered to muster the regiment under your command on Boston Common forthwith in compliance with a requisition made by the President of the United States. The troops are to go to Washington. The Regimental Band will be dispensed with.

By order of his Excellency JOHN A. ANDREW, Governor and Commander-in-Chief. Wm. Schouler, Adjutant General.

The troops will leave Boston for Washington to morrow afternoon.

You can get microfilm of the Boston Herald at many large libraries, and certainly at the libraries in Boston.

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