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Mass 3rd Infantry - Company G

I only have the starting information for Company G. More names to follow shortly ...

  • William S. Cobb, Captain
  • Henry W. Briggs, 1st Lieutenant
  • James L. Wilber, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Charles West, 1st Sergeant
  • William H. Chace, 2nd Sergeant
  • John W. Look, sergeant
  • Abel Sowle, Jr., Sergeant
  • Roland W. Snow, Sergeant
  • Simeon Webb, Corporal
  • Thomas H. Hammond, Corporal
  • WIlliam G. Dunham, Corporal
  • Andrew Porter, Corporal
  • William Eldridge, Corporal
  • John L. Flynn, Corporal
  • George W. Perry, Corporal
  • Ira P. Tripp, Corporal
  • Martin Atchison, Music
  • Thomas S. Dunham, Music

  • Chalres R. Akin, Private
  • Alfred Albro, Private
  • Charles Alger, Jr., Private
  • George H. Allen, Private
  • Joseph H. ALlen, Private
  • Luther Atwood, Private
  • David B. Bacon, Private
  • Zachariah T. Bearse, Private
  • Daniel Besse, Private
  • Charles Bliss, Private
  • John M. Boling, Private
  • James C. Bolles, Private
  • Joseph B. Bowman, Private
  • ...

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