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Mass 3rd Infantry - Leaders
9 Month Tour

The second portion of the life of the Massachusetts 3rd Infantry was with the 9 Month Tour. This generally ran from September 1862 to June 26, 1863.

  • Silas P Richmond, Colonel, Freetown
  • James Barton, Lieut. Colonel, new Bedford
  • John Morissey, Major, Plymouth
  • Lucien L Perkins, Adjutant, Plympton
  • Bethuel Pennimen Jr, Qr Master, New Bedford
  • Alfred A Stocker, Surgeon, Cambridge
  • Woodbridge R Howes, Asst Surgeon, Mattapaoisett
  • Charles A Snow, Chaplain, Fall River

  • Edward L Robbins, Sergt Major, Plymouth
  • Joseph E Nye, Sergt Major, New Bedord
  • Theodore A Barton, Qr Master Sergt, New Bedford
  • Arthur Hooper, Com Sergt, Bridgewater
  • Eugene Whittenmore, Hospl Steward, Boston

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