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Mass 3rd Infantry - Company E

I only have the 'ending' information for Company E. More names to follow shortly. Those who joined Company E enlisted for three years. These soldiers became part of Company D of the 29th Regt.

  • ...
  • Samuel H. Spooner, Private
  • Leander H. Swift, Private
  • Lyman G. Taber, Private
  • Philip M. Topham, Private
  • Daniel H. Tripp, Private
  • Edwin C. Tripp, Private
  • Thomas G. C. Tripp, Private
  • Robert Tuckerman, Jr., Private
  • WIlliam H. Washburn, Private
  • Samuel J. Watson, Private
  • Benjamin S. Wilcox, Private
  • Henry P. Wilcox, Private
  • William Wilkinson, Private
  • Thomas F. Wood, Private

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