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Mass 3rd Infantry - Company F
New Bedford

This company is the one I'm truly interested in - it has my son's ancestor, Matthew Shea. Matthew's geneology is fairly well done and can be found at Matthew Shea Genealogy. Feel free to write with any information you might have!

Company F did not exist for the 3 month tour. It first registered on 9/19/62, and was mustered on 9/23/62. Note that the Antietam Creek battle was 9/17/62, where the 15th Mass Regiment lost the most men of any regiment involved. I imagine this was an impetus to gathering up a new company. Look At the History of the Officers for more information on them.

Captain Hurlburt
  • George R. Hurlbut, Captain
  • William H Allen 3rd, 1st Lietenant
  • Jonathan W. Davis, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Patrick Cannavan, 1st Sergeant
  • James H. Williams, Sergeant
  • Frederick A. Plummer, Sergeant
  • Joseph C. Brotherson, Sergeant
  • Charles H. Walker, Sergeant
  • Charles A. Gould, Corporal
  • James Smith, Corporal
  • Zacheus H. Wright, Corporal
  • Andrew Dexter, Corporal
  • John H. Ricketson, Corporal
  • Frederic Hoffman, Corporal
  • Charles W. Cleveland, Corporal
  • Henry Kohn, Corporal
  • Frances P. Vincent, Music
  • James Weston, Wagoner

  • John Barnett, Private
  • Edward E. Beetle, Private
  • George A. Besse, Private
  • Nathaniel A. Booth, Private
  • Patrick Brannan, Private
  • John H. Brightman, Private
  • William Burke, Private
  • James Burns, Private
  • James E. Buswell, Private
  • John Cameron, Private
  • Benjamin F. Card, Private
  • Alvah M. Chace, Private
  • Henry E. Clark, Private
  • Patrick Clark, Private
  • Solomon Cornell, Private
  • William B. Cushing, Private
  • George W. Davis, Private
  • Richard DeKay, Private
  • James Donovan, Private
  • George L. Durfee, Private
  • John P. Fisher, Private
  • Daniel O. Foster, Private
  • Charles W. Gammons, Private
  • Abram Gifford, Private
  • James B. Gifford, Private
  • Levi K. Gifford, Private
  • John Gordon, Private
  • Perry G. Groves, Private
  • William Hamer, Private
  • Henry Hammong, Private
  • George W. Hathaway, Private
  • William Hoffman, Private
  • Joseph B. Holmes, Private
  • Samuel B. Holmes, Private
  • Abraham H. Howland, Private
  • George Jenkins, Private
  • William A. Jenney, Private
  • Henry G. Kenner, Private
  • Joseph M Lawton, Private
  • Henry S. Lewis, Private
  • Abram R. Luscomb, Private
  • Alden T. Macomber, Private
  • Lyman A. Macomber, Private
  • Humphrey S. Mason, Private
  • John Mitchell, Private
  • Frederick P. Mosher, Private
  • John Muspratt, Private
  • Charles H. Oliver, Private
  • Horatio G. Oliver, Jr. Private
  • George Orne, Private
  • William B. Peck, Private
  • John B. Peckman, Private
  • Samuel G. Peckman, Private
  • Alexander O. Pierce, Private
  • Horace M. Plummer, Private
  • Thomas Potter, Jr., Private
  • James S. Quick, Private
  • David Rider, Private
  • Joseph A. Ripley, Private
  • Samuel J. Rodman, Private
  • Edward Ryan, Private
  • Leonard M. Sanford, Private
  • Chalres H. Shaw, Private
  • Matthew Shea, Private - Res. New Bedford; 26; weaver; enl. Sept. 19 1862; must. Sept. 23, 1862; must. out June 26, 1863
  • John W. Smith, Private
  • Edwin P. Sowie, Private
  • Joseph S. Spooner, Private
  • William H. Stephens, Private
  • James Stiles, Private
  • Columbus Stowell, Private
  • Sydney M. Teachman, Private
  • James M. Tilton, Private
  • Philip Tripp, Private
  • William I. Wady, Private
  • William H. Webb, Private
  • William H. Welsh, Private
  • Joseph H. Wilbur, Private
  • James Wilson, Private
  • George H. Wood, Private
  • Andrew L. Wordell, Private
  • Jethro Worth, Private

History of the Company F Officers
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