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Mass 3rd Infantry - Company L
New Bedford Guards

Company L only existed during the 3 month initial term of service.

  • Timothy Ingraham, Capt, New Bedford
  • James Barton, 1st Lieut, New Bedford
  • Austio S Cushman, 3nd Lieut, New Bedford
  • Samuel C Hart, 1st Sergt, New Bedford
  • William M Bates, Sergt, New Bedford
  • Elisha Doane, Sergt, New Bedford
  • Thomas S Palmer, Sergt, New Bedford
  • Anthony Lang, Corpl, New Bedford
  • Nathan B Mayhew, Corpl, New Bedford
  • Walter D Keith, Corpl, New Bedford
  • Timothy D Cook Jr, Corpl, New Bedford
  • George H Chase, Music, New Bedford

  • Allen, Thomas C Jr, Priv, New Bedford
  • Allen, William H, Priv, New Bedford
  • Annand, Augustus, Priv, Boston
  • ...

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