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Mass 3rd Infantry -

Welcome to my page on Massachusetts Third Infantry genealogy research! This page contains links to researchers researchers looking into the men of the Massachusetts Third Infantry and their descendants. I want to make it clear that not all of these men are MY ancestors :). This page is a collection of researchers all researching their own family lines.

My particular line is Mathew Shea, who was a member of Company F. He went on a 9 month tour. If you're interested in Mathew, you can Contact Lisa Shea to let me know how you connect to my line!

John Sanborn Etherington, researching John D. Sanborn who was a private in Company K (3 month tour). I have his discharge papers and sword:

Sanborn, John D.---Priv.---Res. North Carver; 21; shoemaker; enl. April 30, 1861; must. May 6, 1861; must. out July 22, 1861. See Co. "E" 23d Mass. Inf.; and V.R.C.

Sanborn, John D.---Corpl.---Res. Carver; shoemaker; 22; enl. Sept. 21, 1861; must. Sept. 28, 1861; transf. to V.R.C. Feb. 13, 1864; must. out Sept. 28, 1864, as of Unass. V.R.C. See Co. "K" 3d Mass. Inf. (3 mos.)

Sanborn, John D.---Priv. Co. "H" 18th V.R.C. --Res. Plymouth, Mass. ; credit Littleton, Mass.; 25; shoemaker; enl. and must. Nov. 30, 1864, Boston, for 3 yrs.; must. out Nov. 14, 1865, Washington, D.C., as Private , Co. "H" 18th V.R.C. See Co. "K" 3d Mass. Inf. (3 mos. ) ; and Co. "E" 23d Mass. Inf.,

Jim April, researching Luke Miller from New Bedford, MA who is supposed to have served with the 3rd Mass. Infantry but can't locate him on any musters. His name is on a list of citizens who served on a monument in New Bedford but I live in Maryland and haven't had a chance to look for it yet.

Miller, Luke---Priv. ---Res. New Bedford; 32; laborer; enl. and must. Aug. 8, 1861; wounded July 3, 1863, Gettysburg, Penna.; prisoner May 6, 1864, at Wilderness, Va. ; died of disease, Oct. 1, 1864, Andersonville, Ga., a Prisoner of War.

Lisa, would it be possible for you to give me some information on John Linehan. My information shows that he was a member of the Massachusetts Third Infantry. My information indicates that he enlisted on September 19, 1962, was mustered in on September 26, 1862 and mustered out on June 26, 1863.Donald Halper

Linehan, John-- Priv. ---Res. New Bedford; 37; carriage maker; enl. Sept. 19, 1862; must. Sept. 26, 1862; must. out June 26, 1863.

Benjamin Harrison BEARCE (my gr gr grnadfather) Enlisted 9/18/1862 at Hanson, MA, Co.A., 3rd Regiment Mass. Volunteers. Mustered into service as a Private 9/23/1862 at Camp Joe Hooker. Mustered out 6/26/1863 at Lakeville, MA.

William Torrey MARSTON (my gr gr grandfather) Enlisted on 4/16/1861 as a Private. On 4/23/1861 he mustered into "A" Co. MA 3rd Infantry . He was Mustered Out on 7/22/1861.Enlisted on 9/18/1862 as a Private. On 9/23/1862 he mustered into "A" Co. MA 3rd Infantry . He was discharged for disability on 3/27/1863 New Berne, NC.


Bearce, Benjamin H.--Priv. ---Res. Hanson; 40; shoemaker; enl. Sept. 18, 1862; must. Sept. 23, 1862; must. out June 26, 1863. See Co. "D" 58th Mass Inf.

Bearce, Benjamin H.---Priv. ---Res. Hanson; 41; shoemaker; enl. Feb. 22, 1864; must. March 1, 1864; must. out July 14, 1865. See Co. "A" 3d Mass. Inf. ( 9 mos.)

I am looking for info on Sgt Josiah J Proctor of Captain Oliver J. Bixby's Company G of 3rd Regiment of Massachusetts. I have a discharge paper stating that he enrolled of July 10, 1863 and was discharged on September 18,1865. Any info you have would be appreciated. Elaine Benjamin, cb343@ourweb.net actually 3rd Heavy Artillery

My great-great greandfather, Allen Cobb, served in this regiment. My brother did quite a bit of trace work on the Cobb and Osborne families in the Middleboro/Plympton, Mass. area and was able to trace directly back to about 1630 at the Plymouth County courthouse. Would you please provide me with information on Allen Cobb and Isaac Osborne. I have Allen Cobb's pension papers giving his regiment and his listing in the Mass. Soldiers and Sailors volume, but do not know his company. He was my great-great grandfather. I believe that Isaac Osborne was another. Robert Sarofeen

Cobb, Allen - Priv - Res Middleboro; 44; farmer; enl Sept 19 1862, must Sept 26 1862; must out June 26 1863 Company B

Osborne, Isaac P - Priv - Res North Bridgewater, 37, bootmaker, enl Sept 16 1862; must Sept 23 1862; must out June 26 1863, Company K

I looking for any Chamberlains serving with the 3rd Mass. Specifically mustered out of Fall River, Stoneham, Weymouth, or Boston. Trying to sort out family legends here Walter Chamberlain Walter Chamberlain

Company C: Samuel E Chamberlain 1st Lieut res Cambridge, 31, policeman, comm Apr 17 1861 must Apr 23 1861, must out July 22 1861, see Co "B" 1st Mass Cav and 5th Mass Cav

There are oodles more in other outfits ... including the 3rd Heavy Artillery but none more here. It might help if you gave me a first name :)

Haley, James W. and Thomas, I. Bob T.Harshman Email bharshman@wesnet.com

Haley, James W. --- Priv. ---Res. Cambridge; 19; clerk; enl. April 16, 1861; must. April 23, 1861; must. out July 22, 1861. See US Navy as Jesse W. Haley.

Haley, Thomas---Priv. ---Res. Plymouth; 34; seaman; enl. April 16, 1861; must. April 23, 1861; must. out July 22, 1861. See Co. "H" 18th Mass. Inf. and Co. "G" 38th Mass. Inf.

Hello. My name is Rory McGovern. When my aunt showed me a family tree which pointed out that my great great uncle was a Civil War veteren, I promised to help her uncover the particular about his service. What we already know, however, is hardly enough to find a paper trail. It seems that my ancestor, Michael Collins, enlisted in the Third Massachusetts Rifle Battalion. I was wondering if this became or was incorporated into the Third Massachusetts Regiment. If you could please send any information you have on the 3rd MA Rifle Battalion, or on Mr. Michael Collins, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rory McGovern

Mass 3rd Rifle was a militia unit based in Worcester

There is a Jeremiah Ryan listed in the Mass 3rd Inf Co D and I suspect he is my husband's ggrandfather. There are no pension records for him and I received his military records which do not enlighten me. Your information on this company says it was made up of militia regiments. Can you tell me where I could find the roster of the militia regiments. This man lived in the Gardner-Templeton area of Worcester County, MA. Connie Newell

Ryan, Jeremiah - Priv. - Res. Westport: 44; laborer; enl. Sept. 19, 1862; must. Sept. 23, 1862; must. out June 26, 1863.

Lisa, I recently found the 3rd's website. My ggg grandfather was James H Robbins,Corporal ,of Co B from Plymouth. Could you post my name requesting any info on James Hewitt Robbins? Bill Gould Plymouth, Ma

I have him in Company B, Standish Guards, James H Robbins - Corpl - Res. Plymouth; 28; rope maker; enl Apr 16 1861; must Apr 23 1861, must out July 22 1861.

Then for the 9 month section, we've got (Again, Co B) James H Robbins, Sergt, Res Plymouth, 31, shoemaker, enl Sept 19 1862, must Sept 26 1862, must out June 26 1863.

I have information from the History of Carver(which your site verifies) that my great great grandfather's son Thomas W. Wrightington was a member of the 3rd regiment. Someone online sent me info that he deserted twice. Do you info on individual members? Or deserters? I know desertion was fairly common. I can't find much on Thomas after this info. I believe Henry Wrightington may have been his cousin. Thanks in advance for any leads you can give me. Your site is great! Anne McLaughlin

Company B, 9 Month:
Wrightington, Henry - Priv - Res Middleboro ; 23; farmer; enl. Sept 19 1862; must Sept 26, 1862; must out June 26, 1863.

Company I, 9 Month:
Wrightington, Thomas W, Priv, Res. Fairhaven; 25; farmer; enl. Sept 22, 1862; must. Sept 23, 1862; must out June 26, 1863.

Some lookups courtesy of Jenn K, but Contact Lisa Shea if you want more information!

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