Cons of Vanity Press Publishing

Paying to Get Published

Getting your Book Published The worst thing about most vanity presses is the outrageous amount of money they charge. And then keep charging.

You want that typo fixed? More money. They put the page numbers on the left instead of the right? More money. Need to add a new section about a change to the book’s information? More money.

They often don’t give you any source files. So there’s no option of going elsewhere. They hold your manuscript and cover hostage. In some cases they even hold the rights so you aren’t ALLOWED to republish your book elsewhere.

They can lock up the ebook and audible rights but then never make those formats – so the book is simply not available in those formats at all.

If you start asking them questions, they can decide not to answer calls or email.

They can vanish – go bankrupt – and since you don’t have any source files you now have to recreate your book wholly from scratch.

I’ve seen all of these things happen – and more.

Give long, hard thought before going with a vanity press. Make sure you talk to at least three authors that YOU choose from their library. Don’t let them hand pick the authors to talk with you. Choose randomly for yourself so you get a more authentic story.

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