Pros of Self Publishing

Maintaining Control over your Work

Getting your Book Published I have self-published over 300 works on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other systems. Iím a strong proponent of self publishing.

First, you donít have anybody mangling your work. Iíve had mangling issues with every other system Iíve used. Iíve helped teary-eyed authors who were struggling with a publishing house which had mangled their work. Itís hard to describe the emotional toll it takes when your book of poetry that you poured your heart into for ten years comes out with a cover you absolutely hate. One which in no way represents your poetry.

Your book is the way you want it. Period, the end.

You can change it ANY time you want. You decide to change the way a scene goes? Update and reload. Poof, done. Decide to add another section? Make the change. Poof, done.

Some of my books have gone through four or five cover changes. If you look up just about any bestselling book youíll find the same happens to them. Expectations change. Styles change. You want to be able to be nimble and change with it, to keep those sales going strong.

Getting your Book Published

And now the cover looks like this, and itís doing the best itís ever done Ė

Getting your Book Published

Itís often the subtle changes Ė the shading of the title letters, the movement of the gold seal Ė that suddenly catch the eye. Suddenly sales go from flat to spiked.

You want to maintain that ability to react and update. To make tweaks whenever you wish.

You want to be able to put out ebooks. To put out an audio book. To fix typos that you find.

Self publishing does NOT mean you have to do it alone. There are thousands of people out there ready to help you with a task. The difference is you can scout around for the best price, make a decision, and get it done. And then you get all the files back into your own hands and retain control going forward.

There is huge potential for money and sales in self publishing. I know many authors making over $10,000 a month with self-published titles, in a variety of genres. I know authors on the various best selling lists. It happens all the time. And, if you really do want to catch the eye of a traditional publisher, creating a well-selling book is definitely a way to do that. It proves to them that youíre an author with a solid fan base, a writing style that attracts readers, and is worth talking with.

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