Pros of Small Press Publishing

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Getting your Book Published If you choose wisely with a small press, you’ll choose one who focuses exactly on your target area. This means they will have HUGE insight into what this genre’s readers love about books. They’ll also have an established fan base. They won’t have to guess about what to do – they will know it quite well.

They’ll be more like a family and less like a corporate behemoth. You are a new, important part of their company’s success. Your book’s look and feel reflects on them and impacts all other books in their library. So all the authors often pull together to help each other out.

While they may want to edit your book content and choose a book cover, they’re generally less draconian about it. With my books I’ve had published at small press they did offer up an initial idea. I admit I hated their options. I instead had my own cover designed (by a professional designer) which was much, much better. So there is often that leeway when you’re working with a smaller press.

The contract is generally less onerous. You can retain the option to do ebooks or audible books even if they aren’t able to do them.

Because they’re smaller, they tend to answer the phone or email much more readily. They’re able to work with you on individual details.

You should still get paid up front and get regular updates on sales once the book is on the market.

You often don’t need to use an agent to contact a small press, so that’s a fair chunk of change you aren’t losing out on.

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