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Getting your Book Published Let me say first that a small press publisher – also known as an independent press publisher - IS A TRADITIONAL PUBLISHER. They function in the exact same manner. It is just that they are a smaller organization. They’re usually not saddled with the high rents of offices in New York City. They have a smaller staff. A tighter focus. As you can imagine, this has both good and bad results.

For someone who has a book on a targeted topic, for example lesbian pagan science fiction, a small press option might be absolutely perfect. The small press which focuses on this niche will have all sorts of contacts with blogs, TV shows, newspaper reviewers, and bookstores that a larger company might never know anything about.

A small press is also more likely to give you more personal attention. They’ll listen more to you. After all, your book isn’t just a cog in a massive system of gears. It is one that makes a difference to them. Many small presses survive on a hand-to-mouth system and they need each book they select to do well in order to keep moving forward.

On the down side, a small press is just that – small. Some might be able to get into bookstores, but not all will. Some might have pull with TV stations, but others won’t.

It’s definitely important to do your due diligence with any small press to make sure they are reputable and legitimate. They should never charge you anything up front. They should pay you an advance up front. Read the contract carefully to understand your rights. If they go bankrupt, what then? Are your books lost forever or do you get them back?

Let’s go more into the pros and cons of small presses. I have personally worked with several, and I know many, many authors who have worked with small presses, so this is an area I am quite familiar with.

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