Cons of Small Press Publishing

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Getting your Book Published A smaller publishing house is just that – a smaller publishing house.

They’re likely to give you a smaller advance because they simply don’t have a large operating budget to work with.

They might have another author doing a big launch and not have spare time to help you with your issues.

Their small staff might not be available 24 hours a day – or even 8 hours a day. If someone goes on vacation it might be a week or two before you can get a question answered.

Their in-house talent for covers might be less than you’d hope for.

They might not have the ability to get you into bookstores or to push hard at libraries. They might only plan a small run of books to send out to reviewers.

They can – without warning – go bankrupt. Gone. Vanished. In the wind. And if you weren’t good enough to keep a copy of your files in your own grubby hands, all of that is now lost. I’ve seen this happen to several authors. Lesson learned here – ALWAYS keep copies of all final versions of everything.

They could easily balk at making any revisions, even with clear typos or other issues. They just can’t afford to do another run.

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