Problems and Issues with Lulu

I have been using Lulu for over ten years. Over those years I have encountered a wide range of problems. Thankfully, in recent years they have resolved most of the egregious issues. Nowadays they seem to be chugging along quite sturdily. Perhaps they were just going through the growing pains of figuring out this business without the massive experience of an Amazon-quality workforce to deal with those problems.

In modern times, Lulu is right up there alongside Amazon in terms of creating a high quality product. The book you get from Lulu will be comparable to a book you get from any standard publisher. Their support team is fairly prompt, too. If you've got an issue with how something is loading, they'll lend a hand.

Note that they will NOT do free editing or graphic design for you. That's not their job. If you need an editor for your book, you need to hire an editor. If you want someone to design a cover for you, go to or Freelancer or another site and hire a cover designer. But in terms of technical issues with their system, Lulu will help you solve any problems you might be having.

The main thing when making the PDFs for Lulu is to embed all fonts. Lulu can't guess at what fonts you're using or what they look like. Your creation software should provide the option to embed all fonts so that the font descriptions are part of your document. That way the Lulu system knows exactly how to draw every page for you.

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