Setting the Lulu Description

Paperback Self Publishing

Once your book contents and cover are set, we're now into the random details that help define your book. After the cover is loaded in, the next Lulu screen has the general description and key words for your book. You can edit this whenever you wish, so put in something reasonably good to start but don't stress about it too much.

Setting the Lulu Description

You want your description to be engaging and alluring. Think of a movie promotion. It's not just a synopsis of the plot. It needs to use active words and make people care about the storyline.

Read a few best selling book blurbs to get a sense of the different ranges of ideas.

Once those areas are set, it's time to go on to the fun part :).

The payment.

This example is for my Mused Literary Review, which comes out quarterly. Mused is done for "no profit" so we set that here. You can of course set your book to have a profit :). I highly recommend at the beginning to go inexpensive. You want lots of sales and reviews to build up interest in your book. Later on you can start boosting the price based on those reviews.

Setting the Lulu Description

Then a summary page to make sure it's all set - check for typos!

Setting the Lulu Description

And it's live!

Congratulations - you now have your book live in the Lulu store!

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