LULU Creating a Full Cover

Paperback Self Publishing

Lulu has two different ways of letting you design a cover. You can either use their online Cover Wizard which guides you through the process - or you can load up the traditional "wraparound" cover that is formatted and set. It's wholly up to you if you choose the easy way or the expert way to do this.

In this image I am using the one piece more expert version to lay out my cover.

LULU Creating a Full Cover

If instead you used their wizard there are all sorts of layouts, themes, colors, and other things that you can simply drag and drop. So that's ideal for those new to this process.

LULU Creating a Full Cover

I have an entire book on designing a cover. Having a high quality cover impacts sales in an immense way. People do "judge a book by its cover". So if you're not good with graphics, I highly suggest going to or or any other site that has artists and getting some help. For only $10 or $20 you can get a quite good cover to get started with.

Many authors change out their covers every few years to boost sales and stay in line with current market expectations. So whatever cover you start with, it will be one stage of the cover's journey. You want it to be good - and at the same time you want to be aware that it will probably change over time, as the industry changes.

Whether you choose to make your own cover or to get help, this system will let you get that cover loaded up.

Once your cover is loaded and set, it's time to set the remaining details for your book.

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