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Lulu is a publishing on demand company. They allow you to publish real life books in both paperback and hardcover format. They also support ebooks. Their prices are on par with the Amazon / CreateSpace option.

Note that in general Lulu expects you to be able to handle the responsibility of what you are doing. You are going to edit your own words, looking for typos. You are going to create your own covers. If you want Lulu to help you with those tasks, Lulu is going to want you to pay them to do that.

In general I suggest going with CreateSpace over Lulu because of the enormous reach Amazon / CreateSpace has to the reader marketplace, but there are certain situations where Lulu is the better choice. For example, Lulu has a nice range of hardcover options.

Here's how the Lulu system works. In this tutorial I'm covering the paperback process.

Publishing On Demand Step By Step - Lulu
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