Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice was published in January 1813, when Jane Austen was 38. Interestingly, Jane first came up with the story idea when she was 21, but it took this long for her to create her final version. In between came Sense and Sensibility - and it was the great acclaim that this book won that encouraged her to finish off Pride and Prejudice.

I truly love the story. It reflects the England of the late 1700s / early 1800s - where women were not really allowed to work, to go to college, or to do much else besides get married and make babies. In fact, the opening line of the book reads:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

Into this world comes Elizabeth Bennett, second oldest of 5 daughters. She is very intelligent although not formally educated. Her family get embroiled in a series of romances, situations, and finally, true love. I really love the character of Lizzie, and am delighted in both the book and its many movie / tv representations.

Here are my reviews!

Movie Versions
Pride & Prejudice 2005 - set in late 1700s
Bride & Prejudice 2005 - set in India
Pride & Prejudice 2003 - set in modern times
Pride & Prejudice 1996 - A&E Miniseries, 5 1/4 hrs, very authentic
Pride & Prejudice 1985 - BBC Miniseries, 4 1/2 hrs, reasonable
Pride & Prejudice 1939 - B&W version with Gone with the Wind clothing

Character Reviews
Elizabeth Bennet
Jane Bennet
Mary Bennet
Kitty Bennet
Lydia Bennet
Mr. Bennet
Mrs. Bennet
Charlotte Lucas
Lady Lucas
Mr. Collins
Mr. Charles Bingley
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
Caroline Bingley
Mr. Wickham
Colonel Fitzwilliams
Lady Catharine DeBurgh

Location Reviews
Bennet Estate - main family house
Netherfield Estate - where Charles Binley lives
Lucas Estate - Charlotte's house
Pemberly Estate - Darcy's home
Darcy Estate
First Dance

Regency Era Clothing Photos

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife - "sequel" by Linda Berdoll

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