Pride and Prejudice 1985 Movie Review

The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice from 1985 is a full 265 minutes (4 1/2 hrs) long - so up until the SUPERB A&E version came out, it stood head and shoulders above previous movies because it was able to fit in so much of the storyline. It still is a really nice version, but I have to say the A&E version is just so much richer, the costumes are more authentic, and it feels much more "real". This BBC version comes across as a stagey production, watching a play of the events, vs watching the actual events unfold.

This is broken into six chapters, so you don't have to watch it all the way through at once, although I like to do that :)

The pace is very slow, and there is little emotion shown in most scenes. Elizabeth mildly enjoys or dislikes people. Darcy looks down on people with mild dislike. Even the two "harassing" females in the Darcy party are pretty mild in their commentary, more of a mild looking down then any real feeling.

The costumes are generally better than most versions, but there are some dresses that are not quite appropriate for the era, with more of a Victorian (fancy) feel than the studied simplicity of this era.

Here's Elizabeth in a picture perfect outfit, though, from the cut of the dress to the subtle necklace. She's visiting Rosings here.

Lizzie Bennet

She's already happy about the engagement offer right after it - feeling it was "gratifying". Even that scene is rather ... mild.

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